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Expat Thai budget for July


I did a post before about the cost of living and retiring here in Thailand. So this month I decided to track down to the penny what I spent and it is on payday so far.Remember if you buy in the budget you can spend less and live well here. Please refer to my retirement post on Thailand for further details.

My budget for July so far

Jul 02 2015 travel hotel room 2 days Laos -1439.1

Jul 02 2015 food the Thai tea -100

Jul 02 2015 food bottle of water -20

Jul 02 2015 transport taxi fee / look for rabbit supplies -400

Jul 02 2015 utility water bill -70

Jul 02 2015 utilities cellphone bill -300

Jul 02 2015 others Atm fees 19.30 USD -652.06

Jul 02 2015 transport Taxi fee -200

Jul 02 2015 bills web site monthly fee -302.27

Jul 02 2015 utilities Electric bill -2288.9

Jul 02 2015 bills Rent -3500

Jul 02 2015 salary 20,000

This month will have lots f costs, it’s the bi-annual Visa run To Laos. ne of the things I hate about living here is the needless and corrupt way that the government screws people that just want to live here as retire or just as is. So having said that it will cost about 200 or 300 USD to do this visa run as to why I hate it. So there you go, I will update the total cost when I return, but until then have fun and be safe as always.

Post Author
Joseph Graham
Retired Commercial fisherman . Travel Blogging is my life now. Sharing my trips, giving tips and being helpful when I can is me.

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